Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breakfast ideas!

One of my biggest challenges each day is what to have for breakfast. I really prefer non-sweet foods first thing in the morning which eliminates a lot of typical breakfast meal ideas. In a perfect world where calories didn't matter, I would eat biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns every day. But of course that would be really bad. So I'm trying to eat a variety of different things to keep from getting bored. I have added sweet breakfast foods to my weekly menu and find I'm enjoying them. This morning, I fixed pancakes with Fiber One pancake mix. As you can see in the photo I had 3 big fluffy pancakes. I used 1 tsp of Canola oil and topped them with 1/4 cup sugar free syrup for a grand total of 5 points. With 5 grams of fiber in the pancakes this is a meal that holds me until lunch. My very favorite breakfast I have 2 to 3 times a week is an omelet using Egg Beaters, fat free cheese, bell peppers, onions and topped with Salsa. This is another really filling breakfast for only 4 points. Some of my other breakfast meals that I regularly have include homemade egg mcmuffins, Kashi GoLean cereal, yogurt and fruit smoothie, Oatmeal using plain quick oats flavored with Splenda brown sugar, a small amount of skim milk and a splash of vanilla extract. Sometimes I will add in fruit like blueberries. I can have a big bowl of oatmeal for only 3-4 points and it sticks with me just as well as the pancakes or omelet meals.

I had my weigh-in last night and lost 3.8 pounds! My grand total is now 13 pounds lost. Yay!

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